About Us

Bridgefarmer & Associates is a team of experienced consultants with backgrounds from around the world. Our team of professionals continues to bring innovation and value to our clients. Our driving purpose is to create the most effective, reliable, and accessible outsourcing option available to meet the transportation needs of all agencies. The confidence clients have affirmed by selecting Bridgefarmer continually for project assignments year after year is a true reflection of our corporate philosophy.

Quality & Availability of Resources

We are committed to quality over quantity. We have produced high-quality plans for national award-winning projects due to our staff continuity and responsiveness to client needs. This combination of expertise provides clients with a deep and exceptionally qualified team, complete with technical resources. 

Range of Services

Bridgefarmer handles contracts ranging from small projects to multi-billion dollar operations. Understanding the means and methods of contractors has been a paramount goal at Bridgefarmer. Strong technical and project management disciplines found at Bridgefarmer are needed to meet a variety of demanding situations. The ability to successfully move projects steadily through the system is a hallmark of our company.

Corporate Leadership

At Bridgefarmer, we are bridged together as we think alike with unsurpassed work ethic, attention to detail, and flair for creativity, which courses through the very heart of our corporate structure.

M. Mansoor Ahsan, P.E.

Chief Executive Officer

Mansoor Ahsan is at the helm of the Bridgefarmer structural team and has a firm pulse on emerging technologies in the structural engineering field. He has a passion for his craft, is unwavering, and expects nothing less from his talented staff. Mansoor has managed complex construction projects with costs over $4 Billion where he used his expertise in bridge building and cost overruns. He has been responsible for the management and design of high profile transportation projects, such as LBJ Managed Lanes in Dallas and SH 130 in Austin. His hands-on style and attention to detail has produced several award winning, and error-free design plans. He’s been innovative in construction and repair techniques used by contractors, which has translated huge savings both in time and money. Furthermore, he has had the privilege of leading the Bridgefarmer engineers in the design of monumental mega-projects such as:

Joe C. Bridgefarmer, P.E.
Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer

Joe Bridgefarmer founded Bridgefarmer & Associates, Inc. in 1976 with the knowledge that his hand-picked staff would work hard to make the company's processes and products a success.

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