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Bridges & Walkways

Bridges and walkways serve as elements that improve quality of life through an artistic and expressive design. Projects that focus on ease of mobility for pedestrians and bicyclists require a different level of attention than do roadway projects.

From motif design to selection of materials, the professionals at Bridgefarmer immerse themselves into the personality of the community and reach for perfection as well as that, “WOW” factor. Many

examples of our work can be seen throughout the North Texas region and beyond.


One notable walkway Bridgefarmer designed was the 500-foot Joe Ratcliff Walkway in North Dallas. This bridge spans the new 635/LBJ highway facility that connected neighborhood to a school, church and medical center on the north side of the freeway. As this was a major freeway reconstruction project requiring the removal of the bridge, Bridgefarmer scheduled the pedestrian bridge demolition and replacement to take place over the children’s summer vacation to minimize inconvenience to our younger pedestrians.


Currently, Bridgefarmer is designing the new Irving Signature Bridge

connecting the north and south sides of SH 114 near the old Dallas Cowboy stadium site to become a Gateway to Irving. The project’s goal is to provide an iconic landmark bridge and safe connectivity to a new DART Transit Station. The planned cable stay signature bridge will become a gateway to the City’s new commercial center and will incorporate covered pedestrian walkways on both sides of the bridge.


Bridgefarmer has designed several LRT stations and pedestrian zones for DART throughout the Dallas area, always keeping in mind the comfort and personality of the community.

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