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Loop 12/SH 114 Interchange

Bridgefarmer was the Lead Engineer preparing the PS&E for the Loop 12/SH 114 multi-level interchange and associated urban frontage roads including incorporating the DART Orange Line in the TxDOT right-of-way; a first time event for shared use between these two agencies. This project received both the State and National ACEC Engineering Excellence Award for


The project involved reconstructing the existing Loop 12 and SH 114

system to an eight lane facility with reversible HOV lanes, and includes

civil work for the future DART light rail transit in the State right of way. Elements of this project included widening the Loop 12 bridge over the

Elm Fork Trinity River; direct connector ramps at the northern terminus

of Loop 12 to match a future IH 635/IH 35E Interchange; and direct connector ramps between Loop 12 and SH 114.


Major challenges of this project included the complexity and volume of bridges (22) including both concreted and steel spans; varying retaining walls (36) including MSE, cast-in-place, and drilled shaft; providing room for the future DART light rail tracks (LRT) crossing at Loop 12; and complex drainage involving the Trinity River floodplain.

Complex computer models of the bridges, beams, and retaining walls were generated to assure the fit and location of these key elements. This model was made available to the contractor for their use during construction.


Project Construction Cost: $238 Million

Completion Date: 2012

Client: Texas Department of Transportation

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