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About Us 
Bridgefarmer & Associates, Inc. is a team of experienced consultants with backgrounds from around the world. Our team of professionals brings the following value to our clients. Our driving purpose is to create the most effective, reliable, and accessible outsourcing option available to meet the transportation needs of all agencies. Our repeat business is the greatest measure of success. The confidence clients have affirmed by selecting Bridgefarmer continually for project assignments year after year is a true reflection of our corporate philosophy.

Quality & Availability of Resources

We are committed to quality over quantity. We have produced high-quality plans for national award-winning projects due to our staff continuity and responsiveness to client needs. This combination of expertise provides clients with a deep and exceptionally qualified team, complete with technical resources. 
Online Project Information Tools

Bridgefarmer uses full-time Internet access from all its workstations to communicate with clients, consultants, and other involved parties. Bridgefarmer can activate a secure project website to enable project team members to communicate and share information in a real-time manner from virtually any location at any time. Our website allows clients to continually monitor the latest information concerning meetings, schedules, estimates, deadlines, submittal status and project documents such as design criteria and documents in progress.

Range of Services

Bridgefarmer handles contracts ranging from small projects to multi-billion dollar operations. Understanding the means and methods of contractors has been a paramount goal at Bridgefarmer.
Strong technical and project management disciplines such as those found at Bridgefarmer are also needed to meet a variety of demanding situations. The ability to successfully move projects steadily through the system is a hallmark of our company.