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Interstate Highway 30
Dallas County, Texas
  • This Interstate 30 project in Dallas County, Texas, involved designing a completely new traffic phasing, revised cross sections at critical locations, and temporary retaining walls, ramps, and drainage, signing and marking. 


  • Bridgefarmer was retained by Gilbert Texas Construction to redesign the construction sequencing and maintenance of traffic for five miles of urban expressway, in order to decrease the required construction time from five years down to three and one-half years


Bridgefarmer also investigated the feasibility of relocating the interim bent of a three continuous steel girder bridge over IH-30. In addition, three bridges along IH-30 were redesigned due to revised phasing. The fast-track design was also electronically compatible with the contractor's construction modeling, to improve efficiency and error avoidance. The revised project received very favorable feedback from the TxDOT Dallas District, and the contractor was publicly praised by local officials for bringing in the project ahead of schedule.