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At Bridgefarmer& Associates, Inc. we are well versed in the design of complex, major and minor highways, as well as railroads and bridge-type projects. Timeliness has made us the firm of choice, especially on fast-track projects.On the I-40 Crosstown project for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), the project was designed and built in less than six months, saving taxpayers millions of dollars! Also, Bridgefarmer completed the design of State Highway 121 Section XVA for Denton County, Texas, in twelve months. We were chosen to design the repairs of the UPRR Bridge 60.97 over the Trinity River during Hurricane Rita where a bent footing was undermined and a span was lost. Under the emergency repair plan, Bridgefarmer completely redesigned and provided construction supervision for a 100-foot thru-plate girder replacement in three weeks, from design to construction. Another unique challenge was recently posed by Kiewit Construction Company for a design that would construct a 300 foot long bridge over Martin Lake in east Texas for Texas Utility Company (TXU). This bridge was designed to handle the live load of mining trucks for immediate crossing over Martin Lake. Bridgefarmer engineers and staff thought up a solution that used hand-held GPS units and USGS maps to investigate soil and scour conditions of the soil in the lake. Using the steel H-piles and steel bent cap was the quickest way to build the bridge over the lake while using TX-type VI concrete beams. Because of Bridgefarmer’s dedication, the entire project was designed and constructed in two weeks.

Maintaining a schedule is another Bridgefarmer trademark. Through our professional culture, respect for ongoing business relationships, and assessments of project performance, Bridgefarmer is able to maintain accelerated project schedules. Depending on the client's needs and expectations for schedule information, a specific detailed schedule based upon a work breakdown structure can be developed, which can also be resource loaded. Internally, we use our Intranet as an aid to manage schedules, assignments, and deadlines.Bridgefarmer is known for handling compressed schedules while delivering a high-quality product.



The core of our business is repeat-business; therefore, the focus of our work is to provide effortless justification for our clients to reselect us based on the exemplary quality of service we provide. For example, the Texas Department of Transportation-Dallas District selected us three times in a row for the on-call services contract over the last nine years; the North Texas Tollway Authority (also called NTTA, one of the largest, most profitable toll collection agencies in the state) has selected Bridgefarmer five times in a row for recent projects; and Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART, who operates the largest light rail system in the State of Texas with almost 50 miles of rail lines) has selected us for the last twelve years for their transportation safety and mobility contract. Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF, which remains one of the largest freight railroads in North America) and Union Pacific Railroads (UPRR, the longest-lived railroad network in the United States) have both had us on their on-call services since 1976.We have also been selected to provide services on several specific projects by the Texas Department of Transportation (also known as TxDOT, which oversees all of the immense transportation needs of Texas, including more miles of highway than any other Department of Transportation in the United States), many cities and counties, KCS Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR), BNSF Railway, and DART.We know we have to provide excellent services to all these clients in order to be selected repeatedly. We maintain and take our partnerships with these and all agencies seriously, since they have placed their trust in us.



Bridgefarmer provides clients “value-added” on their projects. For example, on SH 121 Segment 3N in Collin County, Texas, our designers modified the conceptual design which resulted in a $12M savings on the capital cost.On the same project, Bridgefarmer beat the fast-track, six-month schedule and completed the project in four months.This allowed an early letting by North Texas Tollway Authority and resulted in a $20M savings in construction due to changed market conditions.This, in turn, allowed an early opening of the corridor.

The unique and innovative approach provided by the professionals of Bridgefarmer has saved time and money on many projects. Understanding the means and methods of contractors has been a paramount goal at Bridgefarmer. We have a thorough familiarity with construction techniques as a result of working directly with contractors, taking into account local means and methods, and understanding the use and limits of construction equipment. The strong pursuit of excellence by our staff is evident from the knowledge and understanding of the electronic files and the interaction of design software and construction software Terra-model used by the builders in today’s construction. It is for this very reason that contractors and agencies have come to rely upon Bridgefarmer in times of crisis.