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Community Involvement

Bridgefarmer & Associates, Inc., takes involvement in the community very seriously. We have been involved in various projects around the Metroplex that have helped brighten the community including the creation of DART Bus Plazas that have been designed to be environmentally friendly and help the patrons of these facilities feel safer and more relaxed during their commute. Because of Bridgefarmer’s business success, we are able to invest in innovative community projects that help make the future brighter for everyone. Not only do we do our part as a company for the community, but our employees and retirees also give generously of their time and professional talents to local organizations and agencies. Bridgefarmer stays involved with the community.

Bridgefarmer supports education, health and human services, arts and culture, and environmental organizations that:

  • Are established, nonprofit groups that are classified as charitable organizations for tax purposes and are located in Bridgefarmer communities.
  • Provide broad-based community support with a reputation for high-quality service delivery and measurable results.
  • Develop close relationships with the community to identify changing needs.


Our Involvement

Rosa Parks Plaza

Malcolm X at Southland Plaza

Cedars South Side Pedestrian District Street Improvements

United Way


Life-Saving Lunch

by Lilly Watson, American Red Cross

My name is Lilly Watson and I work for the American Red Cross North Texas Region. As you can imagine, I love my job. One of my favorite parts of working at the Red Cross is how much fun it is to help people of all professions and backgrounds be part of our global mission of service. It happened just the other day with a Dallas-based civil engineering firm, Bridgefarmer & Associates, Inc., when they decided to host a drive from their own offices.
Over the holidays I met up with some friends of mine after work. They are all roadway designers at Bridgefarmer, meaning they update and design new roads and transportation methods to keep all of us moving safe and quickly. When I mentioned that traffic accidents are one of the top three reasons why a person may need a blood transfusion, my friends told me how much they wanted to donate blood to go above-and-beyond their civil service of keeping people safe on the road. Only problem is, it’s too hard to find time to give blood when you work full-time in an office, right? Thankfully, that’s not the case! The Red Cross is always happy and appreciative to work with companies to host corporate blood drives that bring a way to give back right to your office.
Just six weeks after our conversation, Bridgefarmer was hosting a blood drive in their office building. Not only was there a full schedule of their employees donating throughout the day, they advertised the drive to the rest of their building and recruited donors from other businesses as well. With the help of the Red Cross Blood Services staff, a conversation became a commitment through a big idea and a little planning. 
If a company can provide a suitable space and commit to recruiting donors, the Red Cross works with them every step of the way to plan the blood drive, providing advertising materials, and bringing all of the equipment and supplies needed for them to safely and professionally collect donations. 
Everyone at Bridgefarmer was excited to contribute to the effort, from their CEO who donated alongside his staff, to their accountant who brought his griddle to work and made fresh pancakes for donors to keep their blood sugar up. If you are looking for a way to liven up your workplace for a day while giving back to the community together, contact the Red Cross about hosting a corporate blood drive. It is a safe an easy way to save a life without ever needing to leave your office!
Charity Ride For M.S.